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Village and community halls have for generations been at the heart of community life, but with the closure of many local shops and schools, the decline in church attendance and the conversion of pubs into restaurants, the village or community hall is rapidly becoming the only venue for communities to meet.

Ironically just as their role is becoming more important, the problems facing those that manage village and community halls are escalating. Many of these buildings are old and in urgent need of repair. Legislation and regulations such as the Equality Act, Food Hygiene and Health and Safety must be complied with and are ever changing.

NAVACH was established with the aim of improving the management of community buildings across Nottinghamshire, providing advice and support. It is a unique organisation in that it supports all community buildings as long as they are run for the benefit of all members of the local community. This includes scout and guide huts, church halls, parish halls, community centres and village halls.

NAVACH works in partnership with Rural Community Action Nottinghamshire (RCAN), the primary rural regeneration specialist, working across Nottinghamshire. RCAN provide support to many voluntary/community organisations in rural Nottinghamshire, including village halls.


Registered Charity Number 1089727

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